This is a group tumblr, ran by three fantastic amigos, who's main goal in life is to make you feel awkward about your own fandom.

Jemia Anmari, an adorably stupid bimbo. She’s the girl who flaunts her body around, carries a tiny puppy in her purse, and holds the map upside down on roadtrips. She is very active, sometimes going on jogs, swimming in the lake. This makes her pretty adventurous. Above all this she is so very kind, energetic, and great with kids! She knows how to look at situations through the eyes of others, make certain people smile, and she never fails at making children smile, laugh and be happy.

Jemia adopted a little mutant girl of her own, Barelella Anmari, is Jemia’s little girl, She admires her mother, and often tries to act like her. She’s a bright kid, very patient, and, like Jemia, very social.

Hope you like these two, they’ve been in the works for a while but I know what I want out of them and this is it. Two cute mutant babies.